DIY Gear From Brian Steves

Posted May 06, 2020
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VJ member and former bootcamp (2x) student Brian Steves designs and builds his own gear

Here's a great example of how you can spend your time during lockdown more productively than watching the compelte Friends box set


This is how I solve my solo-video production for what I do.
I do small how-tos, cooking shows and shows in the woodworking shop.
I use three of these brackets because I can position them anywhere and in any position while shooting. 
This solves the continuity problem and the challenge of working with others in the same room. I design and make these and other brackets for phones and tablets.
I can position the cameras around the production and move the mirrors so I can see the screen on the phone. This way I know my position within the frame.
Heck, you can even record the dissection of a frog.....if you want to.
I currently use an Xperia Z3 smartphone, an iPhone 4S, and a Samsung Tab A. They all shoot 1920 x 1080 at 30fps. That's good enough for my work.
The iPhone records .mov so I just convert it to mpeg4 and edit all three videos using Adobe Premiere Elements.
I use OpenCamera which is free but allows me to control both EV and lock focus. I spend $40 per year for the Premium version.
Once the cameras are set and locked, I turn them all on and don't turn them off until the end of the production.
I use a Sennheiser Wireless Lav on the camera that records my moving lips. So I don't have a sinc problem.
I'm just making a promo video for these brackets and will put them up for sale on ETSY Canada.
Best Regards,
Brian Steeves (former student)