Lacie Superdrive

LaCie 6Big & 12Big Superdives

Posted August 25, 2017
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Every video producer knows that one of the biggest challenges is media management and storage. Drives fill up faster than you can buy them and libraries just get larger and larger. LaCie, one of the most respected hard drive companies out there, now has a solution to your problems with their 6Big and 12Big superdrive set ups.

Having a central location where you can store a huge amount of media and data can be important whether you are working independently or running a production company.

The set up is basically a huge storage device that houses 6 or 12 drives that you can manage in various ways to store and back up your files and media. You can use all the space directly, you can distribute across drives in the house, or you can have the drives set up as mirrors of each other for safety.

Additionally, when you run out of space, or they make larger drives, you can switch out the drives encased and replace them. Furthermore, the superdrive comes with a 5 year warranty not only on the structure, but on the individual drives housed within as well.

Make no mistake, this is not a very portable set up. Weighing in apparently at 21 pounds this is not something you can take with you into the field. This is something to have in your home or office and use to make sure that everything is backed up and safe. It may be a little expensive, but buying all of the 1TB drives will add up to.

The device has a memory capacity from 24-120TB, has internal and external power supply, as well as Thunderbolt and USB 3 compatible.

Available now from B&H, with the 24TB starting at $2699.