ADWEEK: NBC News Digital Hiring Spree Continues

Posted February 21, 2017
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Late last year we reported on a major hiring spree at NBC for digital reporters and video journalists. It seems that NBC is continuing its push into digital video with a new round of jobs available in the Digital department. As video conquers the web and social networks, traditional broadcasters and media outlets have had to embrace mobile video as a serious avenue to reach consumers. 

In a memo obtained by ADWEEK, NBC News Digital executive editor Catherine Kim announces the expansion:

Hi all,

We have some new faces in the newsroom today–exciting additions to the team–who will further help NBC News Digital build, grow and lead.

Gregg Birnbaum joins us as politics editor for NBC News Digital and will be based in New York. Gregg most recently comes from CNN Politics and Politico. Gregg has an outstanding reputation among political reporters and will lead our political coverage working closely with our teams in New York and Washington.

Ali Vitali, who is no stranger to all of us after a tireless 460+ days as an embed reporter on the Trump campaign trail, now officially joins the team as White House digital reporter.

Andrew Springer joins today as director of social strategy for News and the verticals. Andrew comes from Mashable, where he was director of growth and oversaw social strategy across all platforms.

Jeremy Kestenbaum joins us as lead producer for digital video’s “News” team, informally called FAST. Jeremy has impeccable editing skill, technical know-how and an impressive track record with social video. Jeremy was most recently at Nightly News Digital and prior to that at CBS News.

John Makely, who is also a familiar face to our digital video producers, officially joins the team as supervising video producer. John will help build up our digital video team’s technical prowess and lead training. Importantly, he will also be involved in our VR and 360 video projects, as our resident expert on the format.

Nicole Mastrangelo, who’s learned the ropes from one of the best booking teams in the business, now leads digital booking. Nicole will work closely with Kelsea Purpura, who is among the latest to join that stellar unit.

Alex Smith has been officially with us as a senior reporter since late January based in London. Alex won an Emmy as part of the NBC News team that covered the downing of MH17 and attracted big attention for his recent reporting on fake news in Macedonia.

Please take a moment to welcome your new colleagues.

In the meantime, we continue to look for talent to fill a number of open roles here. Please feel free to share this link around.


See the original article in Adweek.


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