Insta360 One

Insta360 One 360/VR Camera

Posted September 06, 2017
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360 degree and VR video are hot trends these days. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube quickly integrated 360 video onto their sites and have seen an explosion of content for them. More and more people want to take 360 video, but in many cases can't afford or find a 360 video setup that works for them.

Introducing the Insta360 One camera.

The camera is a consumer level 360 camera that can link with your iPhone for easy viewing, editing and sharing. You no longer need to use a big bulky setup or 8 GoPros in a cube, but rather this little camera that can fit in the palm of your hand, or plug into your iPhone (Android coming soon they say).

The camera shoots in full 4K 260 video, is capable of live streaming, and links via bluetooth to your iPhone. This is perfect for 360 videos on the go, which are the kind of 360 videos that work best. These are great for travel videos or going live at a moment's notice and sharing wherever you are with your audience.

The camera has a few other features that are pretty cool and will help your video production. The camera has built in stabilization so no matter what you are doing you will always get a clean shot. Additionally, the camera comes with a smart-tracking feature that lets you highlight objects or people in the frame and the camera will automatically follow it. 

The camera can shoot directly onto your phones camera app using a companion app, or you can record up to 70 minutes on the camera itself and then transfer to your phone or computer.

You can buy the camera now here for $299.