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Simplify Transferring Media with Gnarbox

Posted October 16, 2017
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One of the most annoying parts of doing a video shoot is media management. A lot of time on location or set can be taken up transferring media from your full cards to the computer and getting them back in the camera to get more footage. Gnarbox wants to change that workflow and make transferring media much more seamless and all without a computer. 

Gnarbox is a small durable storage device which you can backup media to and share with your device such as a phone or tablet using the Gnarbox app. The device has 128GB of storage and lets you insert an SD card or connect a camera via USB3 and it automatically downloads your footage. If you download the app for your smart device, you can download the video and edit or share. The best part is the device is a wifi hot-spot so you don't need internet connection for it to work.

Gnarbox seems perfect for working in the field, particularly if you are in a foreign country, the wilderness or really anywhere else. You can leave your laptop at home for the shoot and your big hard dive too. This is definitely something made for producers who like to venture off the grid, but really this can change your workflow no matter where you make your videos.

This is a problem that anyone who works in video will recognize. Your cards fill up in the middle of the shoot and you need to copy them through your laptop to your hard drive and it can stop a shoot right in its tracks. With Gnarbox though, which was funded on Kickstarter, you can forget about all of that and just insert into the device and backup automatically.

The Gnarbox has been on the market for a few months now and filmmakers and video producers have largly given it positive reviews.

Order one for $300 from Amazon here.