Contest: Adobe's “MAKE THE CUT”

Posted March 21, 2017
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Adobe is teaming up with Imagine Dragons for a very exciting editing competition and the big winner will take home $25,000. The contest will see how well you can edit together a music video. When you enter the contest you will get raw footage from work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create your own edit of the video for their new song “Believer.”

The contest is currently going on, but that doesn't mean it's too late to join in, as long as you submit your cut by April 8th. 

From Adobe:

A panel of luminary judges—including the band, editor/director of “Believer” Matt Eastin, Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes, and top editors Kirk Baxter, Billy Fox, Vinnie Hobbs and Angus Wall—will select the ultimate winner of the $25,000 Grand Prize and bragging rights.

We’re also awarding bonus prizes of $1,000 each and a year-long subscription to Creative Cloud for four special categories: Fan Favorite, Most Unexpected, Best Young Creator, and Best Short Form.

And one special bonus prize of $2,500, a year-long subscription to Creative Cloud and 25 Adobe Stock credits for the cut with the best use of supplied Adobe Stock clips.

Check out the contest website here.

Want to learn to make your own music video including shooting and editing? Check out our Music Videos course!


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