We’ve spent a great deal of time studying what makes for a great visual story. The same secrets that make Hollywood and Netflix dramas a success can also be applied to non-fiction, documentary, news and informational videos. After all, the people who are looking at your videos are also watching Netflix and Hollywood movies. There is a natural, if unspoken, expectation that your video will be as compelling as those movies and dramas. And they can be. We are launching an entirely new set of 7 separate lessons entitled Secrets of Storytelling. In them, we will reveal just what makes a Hollywood Blockbuster work. (Hint, it’s the same thing that makes every great story since the time of Homer (and even before) work). There are basic rules of storytelling – just like there are basic rules of shooting (see the 5-shot method!). In this series of lessons, we are going to walk you through the fundamentals of how to tell and deliver a great story every single time.

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