MEVO Live Streaming Camera

Posted July 28, 2017
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The MEVO live streaming camera is a great tool for those looking to make their livestreams more professional looking.

Do you live stream? Well if you don't you should!

Most times when you are live streaming the quickest and easiest way to do so is on your smartphone. Sometimes though you may want to do something a little more complex than what a smartphone can offer. Maybe you want to be able to change the shot length, insert graphics and capture better audio. You can't do these on an iPhone.

The MEVO is a small, but powerful camera, that shoots and streams in full HD. The camera comes with a companion app that allows you to set up multiple shots with just the one camera. You can set a wide shot and some close ups, and then seamlessly switch between them during your stream from the app. You can also add music, pre-recorded material and external audio through the app to your streaming destination. The MEVO also has an SD card slot so you can record your streams in camera and also use it just to record as well. 

The MEVO, made in partnership with Livestream, is compatible on Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Periscope. It truly is a whole broadcast studio, and it can just fit in your pocket.

Learn more and order your own here.