GoPro Announces New HERO7 Model

Posted September 21, 2018
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GoPro has had a tough couple of years. After a pitiful IPO and a couple of failed products, they are hoping to strike back with the announcement of their new HERO7 model, and particularly its image stabilization feature.

The new HERO7's Hypersmooth feature claims that its stabilization is as good as many gimbals on the market. Without the need to put your GoPro on a gimbal (another failed product from the company) and still get 'gimbal-like' smoothness would be a huge development for any camera -- especially GoPro cameras which are usually used in action situations with a lot of shake and movement.

While GoPros and smartphones have made shooting video anywhere easy and put broadcast quality cameras in the pockets of millions, because they are so lightweight they can be difficult to keep stable free-hand for long periods of time. A feature like this would undoubtedly be a huge development for camera technology. While gimbals, such as DJI's Osmo 2 are great products, if this kind of technology is built into the camera system, then it will only make getting professional video easier -- which is always better for us video producers. 

Other features of the HERO7 include a 2" touchscreen, 4K80 video recording, Bluetooth file transfer and more. You can pre-order one from GoPro for $399 here.

See Hypersmooth in action here:


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