2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted December 06, 2018
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The holiday season is here and that means it's time to get gifts for everyone on your list. We have you covered for gift ideas for the video or technology lover in your life (or even something special just for yourself). Check out the video above and the list below for some great ideas.

L16 Camera from Light

We've written about the L16 before and we really like it. This innovative camera has 16 lenses that all shoot at the same time so you can change focus and other features of the shot after filming to give your shots the look you want. While the camera has been just for photos since being released earlier this year, Light has just launched the beta for video on the camera and the best part is that it's just a software update so no need to wait for the video version to come out since the hardware will be the same no matter what.

Get it here from Light for $1,950.


Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal from DJI

This is one of our favorite items on the list because we use it a lot. We like producing professional video with smartphones but shaky video is always an issue when working with such a small camera. The Osmo 2 takes care of all that eliminating any shaky video and gives you smooth video every time. The Osmo is a great gift for anyone who produces a lot of video with their smartphone and will make their video look so much better. 

Get if here from DJI for $139.


Osmo Pocket from DJU

The Osmo Pocket is another gimbal from DJI but this one has a small 4K camera already attached to it and it's small enough to fit in your pocket (hence the name). This is a great gift for someone who makes videos on the go and it is great for shooting in any situation. Check out our full overview of it here.

Get is from DJI here for $349.


Go Mic Mobile Kit from Samson

Here's another one for people producing professional video with their smartphone. The Samson Go Mic Mobile Kit is a wireless microphone system for smartphones that is easy to use and delivers great professional audio. 

Get it here from B&H for $279.


HERO 7 from GoPro

The newest camera from GoPro is one of their best yet. It shoots in full 4K, it's small and durable, it can live stream natively, and has a new stabilization feature which can eliminate the shakes from your video. GoPro video often has a tendency to be pretty shaky and GoPro is trying to eliminate that with this new software and they claim you'll never need a gimbal again.

Get it here from GoPro for $399. 



Lighting is an issue for any video producer but dragging around big lights can be difficult and a bit of a hassle. Enter the LumeCube. The LumeCube is a small weather and waterproof light that is controlled using your phone and can give you the light you need while being able to fit in your pocket.

Get it here from LumeCube for $70.

If you have some more gift ideas, let us know in the comments.




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