How iPhone Video Can Look

Posted February 21, 2017
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There is little question that iPhone video is now broadcasts quality.
More than enough pieces are floating around the prove the point.
We have posted this one to prove a very different point.
This was done by Jonas Eyckmans, one of the participants in our 4-day VJ bootcamp in Brussels, Belgium last week.
It was shot on an iPhone.
It was only the second iPhone video that Mr. Eyckmans ever made, the first being on the second day of the bootcamp.
What makes this of particular interest to me and to you, is not so much that it was shot on an iPhone, but rather that Mr. Eyckmans shot the whole story in 1 hour and delivered it four hours later - done - with translations!
If you have spent any time in the TV or TV news business you know that that is remarkable.
Pieces of this length and quality can take days of a agonizing and hours of shooting.
This piece did neither.
The reason is that Mr. Eyckmans simply followed our ‘Michael Rosenblum 5-Shot Method’ perfectly. 
He walked into the story, figured out what it was going to be BEFORE he started shooting and then essentially shot for the timeline.
An almost one to one ratio.
This is not all that unusual. This is how every print reporter works.  
They don’t write 10,000 words to deliver a 250 word piece.
They write what is needed.
We teach people to shoot what is needed. No more, no less.
If you do that, if you shoot for the timeline, then the editing falls into place simply and easily.
THAT is what makes this piece so interesting, and why you should look at it one more time.  


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