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Fashion - The Last Frontier?

Posted June 09, 2017
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Let me start by saying I am FAR from a fashionista.

When I lived with Brigitte (so many years ago), I wore what I wanted.  She was a bohemian and did not care.

When Debbie came along, she opened my closet and said, 'everything must go', and the Salvation Army took everything I owned.  She took me to a tailor in New York named St. Laurie and they custom made all my suits and jackets.  Custom made to her taste.  (To get along, go along, I say).

When Debbie departed and Glenda moved in, she opened the closet door and said 'everything most go', and so it did, repalced by Armani.

Glenda soon followed the clothes and now it is all Prada, all the time. Which is fine. But as I said, I don't know a thing about fashion.  Lisa picks out everything and the folks at the Prada store know enough not to let me buy a thing on my own.

All of this brings me to an article in today's Wall Street Journal entitled Fashion Ads, A Last Bastion Of Print, Are Going Digital. 

It's a funny thing about the fashion business... it's a massively visual medium - I mean MUCH more visual than food, for instance. And yet you have the Cooking Channel and the Food Network.  Do we have a Fashion Network? Not that I can think of.  Yes, there is Project Runway, but that was but one series. It seems ripe for a lot more video, partiularly if you look at the size of most fashion magazines.  While Time and Newsweeks are the width of the staple that holds them together, most fashion magazines are still the size of the Manhattan phone book (if you remember what that was) and FILLED with advertising - and those ads are diven by photos - in fact, that's all they are.

Now, those photos, as the medium moves online, are going to be video.

This is a great space for VJs, and one that is really only getting started in many ways.

Here then, an example of what you can do as a VJ with fashion, by one of our best (and with us forever by now) VJs - Francisco Aliwalas.  



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