Tour of the Interface

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Subject: Mobile

Title: Tour of the Interface


Learn the basics and get familiar with the Filmic Pro App.


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Once you’ve downloaded the Filmic Pro App from the App store, go into your device’s general settings and Turn on Airplane Mode, so that your shoot is not interrupted by an ill-timed phone call.

Next, go into the Brightness settings, turn Auto Brightness Off, and turn the brightness slider all the way up.

When you’ve done that, go out of Settings and close any other applications that may be running in the background.

Now let’s start by taking a look at the Filmic Pro Interface.

In the center of the screen are the Square Focus and Round Exposure Reticles.

You tap and drag each of these separately to set your focus and exposure.

To lock each of these settings, click on the focus and exposure lock icons in the lower left corner.

When they turn red, they’re locked and won’t change.

To unlock them, tap on them again and they’ll turn white.

The third icon at the far left adjusts white balance.

Tap and hold it to open the white balance settings slider.

Dragging the icon up and down will adjust your white balance.

To save and lock your adjustment, tap in the middle of the screen and the white balance settings slider will close.

Notice that the white balance icon is now red, indicating that the adjustment is now locked.

To unlock it, tap it once.
Directly above the lock icons is a real-time audio meter that let’s you know your recording audio levels.

You’ll want to keep your audio levels as close to the white center line as possible to get the best results.

In the bottom center of the screen is the timecode counter which will run while you’re recording.

The red line above shows you how much battery power you have, and the green line shows you how space you have left on your device.

In the lower right corner, you’ll see a gear icon that will open your settings when you tap on it.

Tap it again to close the settings.

Tapping on the filmstrip icon will open your Filmic Library where you can access any video that’s on your device.

Tap the X in the top right corner to close the library again.

And finally, tapping the red button starts the recording.

Notice that the timecode counter starts as well.

Tap the red button again to stop recording.

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