The Action Slider

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Subject: Mobile

Title: The Action Slider


The Action Slider has a variety of tools that will help you better control your shots. Let's take a tour of the Action Slider and its functions.


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If you tap on the arrow in the top left corner of the screen, the Action Slider will open.

At the far left is the Audio Gain Control icon.

Tap on this to open the audio slider, and then tap on the waveform to raise or lower your audio input levels.

The audio meters are visible as you make your adjustment.

You’ll want to make sure that the audio meter stays in the green, rather than yellow or red to avoid any audio distortion.

When you’re done, tap in the middle of the screen to close it.

Tapping on the next action slider Icon opens the Rule of Thirds guide, which is useful as a reference for framing your shots properly, and to make sure that your horizon isn’t on a angle.

Tap the icon again to remove it.

The next icon is for Image Stabilization, which you’ll likely want to have on if you are shooting without a tripod.

Tap once to turn it on and you’ll see outlines appear around it.

Tap again to turn it off.

Tapping on the Information icon let’s you choose to open either the Filmic Pro User Manual in your web browser, or you can tap on the quick start guide option to access that.

Tap Done to go back to the Filmic Pro interface.

Tapping on the camera icon allows you to toggle between the front and rear cameras on your device.

Tapping on the lightbulb icon will turn your device light on, and tapping again turns it off.

And finally, tapping on the magnifying glass icon opens your zoom controls.

You can tap on the plus or minus buttons to zoom in or out in increments, or you can tap and hold to zoom in or out in a smooth motion.

As you zoom in, a quality bar will appear to let you know if your image will be degraded too much. When it’s in the green, you’re fine, but as it moves into amber and red, you may want to zoom back out to avoid quality loss.

To change the speed of the zoom, tap and hold the magnifying glass icon to bring up the zoom speed adjustment, and then tap and move the magnifying glass up or down to speed the zoom up or slow it down.

Tap anywhere in the middle of the screen to close this, and tap the magnifying glass to close the zoom controls again.
To close the action slider, click on the arrow in the top left corner.

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