VJ Heroes - Juliana Broste at NAB

Posted April 05, 2019
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A long time ago, we ran a video bootcamp in Vail, Colorado in partnership with The Travel Channel.

It was a kind of ski and shoot thing.

I am not much of a skier (not since I separated from my ex-wife, who was Canadian and used to drag me up to the family ski house in Sugarbush - cold, wet and unpleasant - but you gotta do what you gotta do..)

In any event, one of the participants in the Vail Bootcamp was a great skier (I think they all were) and her name was Juliana Broste.

She may been a great skier, but it was her first time on a video camera - but hardly her last.

She took that skill, acquired in just four intensive days, and used it to compleltely change her life

Today she is Traveling Jules - and she goes all over the world making adventure and travel videos.


Juliana Broste TravelingJules NAB2018 from Juliana Broste on Vimeo.

Next week she will be at the NAB, that's National Association of Broadcasters, where she will both be a speaker: 

"I’m speaking on a special panel called “Win Friends and Inspire People: Personal Brands in the Social Media Era” alongside Meagan Keane from @Adobe, Jessica Meistadt from Girl Boss Habits, and Kayla Alexandria from Momentsmelanin.

If you are going to NAB, be sure to look her up. Here's the info and a discount code! Courtesy of Jules...

Did you get your exhibits pass yet?  Complimentary exhibits hall pass (use code SM01)

If you want to take the same training that Julis had to launch her career we are running another in New York City this June. You can register here.


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