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Submit Your Video to the Mobile Motion Film Festival in Zurich

Posted August 20, 2018
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Earlier this month we told you about the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival in Ireland, and today we're going to tell you about another smartphone video festival -- this time in Zurich, Switzerland. 

The Mobile Motion Film Festival in Zurich is an amazing opportunity to not only meet and learn from fellow smartphone video producers, but also a great opportunity to submit your work, win some prizes, and have a lot of people watch your video. The festival, which is slated for June of 2019, is not yet open for submissions (submissions are open on October 1st, 2018) but it's never too early to start preparing.

Whether you already have a video you shot in mind or you plan to shoot something just for the festival, there are multiple categories for which you can submit. The festival says they are taking submissions of any length in categories including Best Documentary, Best Fiction, Best Music Video, Best Travel Video, and more. The only requirement is that all of your video is shot on a mobile device. According to the submission description, this includes smartphones, tablets, and GoPro cameras, but not DSLR or other small cameras. Why GoPro is ok but other small cameras are not is beyond us, but as long as you're shooting with your smartphone you'll be all clear. 

For more information about the festival and to submit when in October check out their website or Facebook page.

If you have been following us here at, you know that we are very in favor of smartphone video production. Pretty much anyone with a smartphone has a broadcast quality camera with them at all times. The monetary barrier to entry for filmmaking is basically non-existent these days. Additionally, there are amazing smartphone accessories, some of which we have written about and reviewed here on VJ World, that can enhance your video's quality for a fraction of the price of what the traditional equivalent would have been.

Smartphones have truly revolutionized the world of video and have opened up a whole world of opportunities for millions of people around the world. The only barrier to entry now is your own will. 

If you have always wanted to be a filmmaker or produce video but never knew where to start, we are here to help. We can teach you how to shootedittell stories, and make money with your smartphone. Check out our mobile section to see more and sign up for a 10-day free trial here.


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