Ztylus Switch 6

Ztylus Switch 6 iPhone Lens System

Posted July 19, 2017
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We've told you about attachable lenses for iPhones before, but the Ztylus Switch 6 iPhone Lens System may be the most convenient one out there.

Designed for the iPhone 7+, the 6 lenses come built into a case for your phone that also features a grip and strap. The lenses are all housed on one piece that slides into the case and can easily be slid to switch between lenses seamlessly.

Designed specifically for the iPhone 7+ dual lens camera, the lens pack comes with wide-angle, added telephoto, macro, super macro, and fisheye lenses that you can switch between easily without worrying about losing any pesky pieces like with other lens sets. The set is also extremely light weight at two ounces and won't be a burden on you while shooting 

While you can get a beautiful image regardless with the iPhone 7+ extra lenses can give your video a more cinematic look and allow you to do more interesting things with the iPhone's camera -- from super wide shots to super tight macro shots.

You can purchase the lens system for $50 from Amazon.