DJI Osmo Pocket
DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI Releases New Handheld Gimbal: Osmo Pocket

Posted November 29, 2018
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DJI has released their newest product to the world: the Osmo Pocket.

The latest product in the Osmo gimbal line is a tiny handheld gimbal with a 4K camera on it. The Osmo line has featured gimbals with built-in cameras before (their other products are designed for smartphones and DSLRs) but this is the smallest and most powerful one to date. 

Perfect for almost any kind of shooting environment, but partuclarly run-and-gun scenarios, the Osmo Pocket features a similar camera to the one on their Mavic drones (which shoot in 4K) and is just 4 inches tall (small enough to fit in your pocket. The Osmo Pocket also features a small screen on it so you can monitor your footage, but you can also use the USB-C port on it to plug in your smartphone for bigger viewing and to transfer your files. 

Gimbals are great when shooting to make sure that your footage doesn't look shakey and looks as professional as possible. Companies like Google and GoPro are putting stabilizing software on their devices, but nothing (so far) can give you the same smoothness as a gimbal can -- particularly for smartphones. This gimbal and camera in one could be a great addition to your kit so when you are doing tracking shots or shooting while in motion (like in a car or on a bike) so you don't have to take the time to mount your primary camera to the equipment -- just take it out of your pocket and start shooting. 

We're going to get our hands on one of these to test it out for you, but if you want to buy one yourself you can get one from DJI for $349 here.


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