How to Start a TV Channel: Live Streaming | Live Streaming

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About This Workshop

Starting a TV Channel is can be very profitable. In order to have a successful channel you'll need an engaged audience. No matter what topic you choose for your channel, you'll want people to be an active part of your community. A great way to do this is to utilize live streaming. Live streaming is an easy way to broadcast to huge numbers of people using just your smartphone. The great thing about live streaming as opposed to traiditional broadcast is that it is two way. You can be in a realtime conversation with your audience. In this workshop we'll look at some best practices for live streaming, apps you can use for professional live streaming, and how you can integrate live streaming into your channel.

About Your Instructor

Brett Savaglio is a digital video producer specializing in live streaming, smartphone video and lead editing instructor at He has worked with clients around the world, including Spectrum, The BBC, and more, teaching them to create compelling video using just smartphones.

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