Michael’s Guide to Some of the Newest Equipment for 2018 | Equipment

About This Workshop

In this live workshop, Michael Rosenblum will be demonstrating some of the latest video equipment and sharing his experiences and ideas. The Light L16 is a totally revolutionary camera with 16 individual lenses. Only a few have been released so far and Michael has been experimenting with one. This 50+ mega-pixel camera is about the size of three iPhones and is set to change the way images can be manipulated after they’ve been shot. We’ll also be looking at the latest Osmo stabilizer for smartphones. This totally eliminates shaky footage as well as enabling you to shoot really smooth tracking shots, to create time-lapse videos and also to live stream flawlessly. Join Michael live this Thursday, January 25th at 12.30pm EST, 5.30pm GMT and 6.30pm CET.

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