Producing a Live Stream and Platforms for Going Live | Live Streaming

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Not so long ago, “Going Live” was both incredibly complicated and incredibly expensive. Let’s just start with booking satellite time. People paid a lot because going live was and is a powerful tool. It get’s people’s attention – and, since it’s live – people can participate. Now, Going Live could not be easier –and it’s free. If you’re running your own TV channel then being able to live stream is incredibly important and it’s vital that you know the different options and the best one for your needs. In this workshop, Brett Savaglio will take you through three different ways to produce a live stream. Brett will be demonstrating how to go live on Facebook for all of the examples, however of course you can also do this with any live streaming platform like Youtube or Twitter. Brett’s workshop will begin with the simplest of the three live streaming options and end with the most complex.

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