Great Audio in Your Video -- Part 2 Audio Mixing | Editing

About This Workshop

Audio is one of the most important parts of your video. It is what transports your viewer into the world of your story. We often spend so much time focusing on the visuals that we forget to think about the audio. In part one we looked at how to acquire great audio, and now in part two we’ll look at how to perfect your audio track in the edit. Brett Savaglio will take you through how to do a professional audio mix. This is a two step process and includes doing an absolute mix, which sets the audio levels of all your clips to industry standard, and a relative mix. This process will ensure that you have perfect audio in your videos each time and weave the various audio elements of your story seamlessly so your viewers lose themselves in you stories.

About Your Instructor

Brett Savaglio is a digital video producer specializing in smartphone video and lead editing instructor at He has worked with clients around the world, including Spectrum, The BBC, and more, teaching them to create compelling video using just smartphones.

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